Lectures & Interviews

Colin Osborne - BBC Interview about Food Security
Colin Osborne was recently interviewed for BBC news and we have a link to the 3to4 site into a piece on food security. View interview.

Jane Langdale (OXF) Interview BBC Radio 4 Series - Plants: From Roots to Riches 
June 2014. Broadcast August 2014. Listen to interview.

Julian Hibberd (CAM) Podcast for eLife
‘Ordering the evolutionary events for C4 photosynthesis’. Listen to Podcast.

Colin Osborne (USFD) Weston Park Museum, Sheffield (Feb 2012)
Sideshow Science "How to make a plant".
A public science show for families, in which we demonstrated how photosynthesis works, and why it is important. View site.

Colin Osborne (USFD) University of Sheffield (May 2012) "Wild about Plants"
A science festival for local primary and secondary schools of demonstrations and activities showcasing plant science (including photosynthesis). View write-up and photos.

Colin Osborne (USFD) Association for Science Education conference (Jan 2013)
"Transforming photosynthesis: frontier biology in a changing world".

This was a lecture for school science teachers at their annual conference, in the "Biology in the Real World" session. I talked about why photosynthesis is important, about C4 specifically, and how 3to4 could improve crop production. Video available on the BBSRC website. View the video.

Colin Osborne (USFD) APS Christmastime Lecture (Dec 2013) - "Sunshine for Breakfast"
A lecture for 1,000 Sheffield school children, about photosynthesis and how it powers our lives via the food we eat. There are some resources online at the moment, and we'll be augmenting these with videos shortly. View the newspaper report and video.

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